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The Complete List of 56 Thassos Beaches (+ Unique Video Footage)

by | Jul 25, 2023 | ThasosHolidays

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Here is the Complete List of all 56 Thassos Beaches! Get to know which are the best beaches in Thassos and a lot more, including 56 videos of every beach in Thassos!


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Table of Content

Are you trying to find the best beaches in Thassos?

Or are you unsure which Thassos beach to visit first?

Either way, this complete list is just for you.

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Keep reading to get all the information you need to decide which beach to visit in Thassos.

Curious? Let’s dive right in.

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Video Thassos Beaches

Disclaimer: This is an opinion based on my experiences and visits to those beaches. I have been in every single one in one way or another. Still, my opinion may be wrong, and I would love to hear your thoughts on these beaches!

I strive to keep this list updated, and I would appreciate your help to make it better!

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Marble Beach Thassos

What is Marble Beach Thassos like?

Marble Beach is a white sand beach with marble flinders responsible for its stunning turquoise waters. Although only 80 meters, its supreme location beneath a marble quarry in a pine-covered mountain is the main reason it has become so popular.

Marble Beach Thassos photo

Is Marble Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Absolutely, yes. Marble Beach is so uniquely beautiful that it makes it the first beach you have to visit while in Thassos. When you do, make sure to come here early enough to avoid all the crowds. Even better, visit during the off-season months outside July and August.

In short, visiting Marble Beach should be part of your Thassos plans. By the way, if you haven’t decided on your Thassos itinerary yet, check one of my suggested itineraries for your Thassos holidays: a 7-day itinerary, a 5-day itinerary, or a shorter 4-day itinerary.

Golden Beach Thassos

What is Golden Beach Thassos like?

Golden Beach, also known as Chrissi Ammoudia, is a 2-kilometer-long sandy beach that spans from the fishing village of Skala Potamia to Skala Panagia. Along its endless sand, you will come across spectacular bars, water sports facilities, luxurious resorts, and traditional taverns, to name just a few.

Golden Beach Thassos photo

Is Golden Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you are looking for a cosmopolitan beach that has everything you ever dreamed of for your Thassos Greek holidays, then you have to visit Golden Beach Thassos. The only caveat is that you will be sharing it with thousands of other tourists. Still, finding a free spot won’t be a big issue.

Paradise Beach Thassos

What is Paradise Beach Thassos like?

Paradise Beach is one of the most exotic and tropical-like beaches in Thassos, Greece. Imagine a perfect enclave of sand surrounded by lush vegetation and a pine forest that reaches the crystal clear waters. And in the distance, views over Kinira islet complete this wonder of Mother Nature!

Paradise Beach Thassos photo

Is Paradise Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Absolutely, yes! Paradise Beach is, for many, the best beach in Thassos. Its breathtaking location and scenery, calm and clean waters, and super soft sand are why tourists and locals keep coming back! The only downside is that it is a bit difficult to access.

Tripiti Beach

What is Tripiti Beach Thassos like?

Tripiti or Trypiti Beach Thassos is a large organized sandy beach near the unique Tripiti cave. Imagine a 5-meter-long and 2-meter-wide hole on a rock that connects a tiny enclave of sand with the main Tripiti beach. You can even swim or take a kayak through it!

Tripiti Beach Thassos photo

Is Tripiti Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes! Apart from the beauty of Tripiti beach itself, there is no way you want to miss a visit to the nearby Tripiti cave. And after you are done exploring, you can relax on the sunbeds or have an ear in the nearby traditional tavern.

Psili Ammos Thassos

What is Psili Ammos Thassos like?

Psili Ammos is a scenic sandy beach that has recently transformed into a popular destination in southern Thassos. Shielded by an olive grove in the north and the cool Aegean waters in the south, it offers a convenient escape from the intense summer heat.

Psilli Ammos Beach Thassos photo

Is Psili Ammos Thassos worth visiting?

If you are in southern Thassos, Psilli Ammos should be on your bucket list. Yet, it does not offer something special that can easily set it apart from other beaches. Still, though, you will enjoy your visit here, especially if you appreciate loud, upbeat music.

La Scala Thassos

What is La Skala Beach Thassos?

La Skala is a luxury beach bar and restaurant that has transformed an otherwise mediocre beach into a spectacular attraction in Thassos. Although the water has some rocks, you’ll still love La Skala for its vibe, quality music, outstanding cocktails, and excellent customer care.

La Skala Beach Thassos photo

Is La Skala Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes. Without a doubt, there is nothing like La Skala anywhere else in Thassos. The amount of comfort and luxury you’ll come to enjoy in this paradise-like beach bar is second to none! And to top it all, the beach resides in one of the greenest areas of Thassos.

Aliki Beach Thassos

What is Alike Beach Thassos like?

Aliki Beach is the beach with the most exciting history in Thassos. Besides the main bars and restaurants, you will find the Ruins Beach, which leads to a peninsula from where ancient Thassians extracted marble. Still, its history is only one of the many reasons for visiting Aliki beach.

Aliki Beach Thassos photo

Is Aliki Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes, it is. Aliki Beach is unique in its surrounding area, yet equally beautiful and scenic. Swimming here is also an experience you will long remember. The water is saltier and raises your body higher in the sea, a welcoming effect from the old salt production site in the area.

Pachis Beach Thassos

What is Pachis Beach Thassos like?

Pachis Beach Thassos is a famous sandy beach surrounded by pine and olive trees that reach the water. Apart from the fantastic views and scenery, you will also enjoy the crystal clear water for how shallow and calm it is. It is the perfect beach to visit as a family!

Pachis Beach Thassos photo

Is Pachis Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes, Pachis Beach deserves a visit while you are in Thassos. You will love its scenic location, shallow waters, modern beach bars, and traditional seaside taverns with delicious cuisine! This beach can also get busy, so remember to visit as early as possible.

Makryammos Beach Thassos

What is Makryammos Beach Thassos like?

Makryammos Beach is a private white-sand beach surrounded by a modern resort and the area’s lush vegetation. Paved paths, flowers, tiny gardens, and beautifully decorated rocks give this beach a unique vibe. And once you factor in that it has a Blue Flag, you understand why it is so popular.

Makryammos Beach Thassos photo

Is Makryammos Beach Thassos worth visiting?

In short, yes. However, know that entering this private beach requires a fee. Apart from paying for the sunbeds and umbrellas, expect a refundable deposit at the reception during the high season. Although that adds an extra hassle, Makryammos Beach still deserves a visit, if only for its breathtaking environment.

Porto Vathy Beach

What is Porto Vathy Beach Thassos like?

Porto Vathy is a small beach covered with bright marble sand and surrounded by lush vegetation. Here, you will also find a modern beach bar with a lovely sitting area under the shade of olive trees, from where you’ll notice the nearby port and the marble quarry.

Porto Vathy Beach Thassos photo

Is Porto Vathy Beach worth visiting?

It depends. Although Porto Vathy is a spectacular beach on its own, it’s unlucky enough to lie less than 300 meters away from the infamous Marble Beach. Although they are like twin beaches, Porto Vathy cannot really compare with Marble Beach. Visit it if you can’t find a spot in Marble Beach.


Metalia Beach Thassos

What is Metalia Beach Thassos like?

Metalia Beach is a predominantly sandy beach with a few pebbles near the marble quarry in Limenaria Thassos. Although covered with sand, the seabed gives way to big rocks that make it ideal for snorkeling. Above all, you will love the majestic scenery with the surrounding hills and greenery.

Metalia Beach Thassos photo

Is Metalia Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you are looking for a quiet spot away from crowds but still with enough sand on the beach, Metalia Beach is your match. Due to its rocky sunbed, it attracts more couples and fewer families. And if you look at the surrounding cliffs, you understand why Metalia is such a serene beach.

San Antonio Beach Thassos

What is San Antonio Beach Thassos like?

San Antonio Beach Thassos is a family-friendly wide beach covered with sand. Because the beach is in the middle of a gulf, the waters are almost always calm, making it ideal for children to play safely.

San Antonio Beach Thassos photo

Is San Antonio Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you are after a spacious sandy beach your children will love while you relax in a seaside restaurant, you have to visit San Antonio Beach. And thanks to its large area, you will easily find free parking and a spot to sit.

Agios Ioannis Beach Thassos

What is Agios Ioannis Beach Thassos like?

Agios Ioannis Beach Thassos is a private sandy beach inside a picturesque bay. Agios Ioannis always stays quiet because it is accessible only to the nearby resort guests. That’s particularly unique for such a beautiful beach. The only downside is that you may notice some rock zones while entering the water.

Agios Ioannis Beach Thassos photo

Is Agios Ioannis Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you want to stay in an all-inclusive summer resort by the beach, you will love Agios Ioannis. It is a quiet beach that leaves everyone satisfied! Action enthusiasts will love the sports facilities in the resort, while families will appreciate the presence of the lifeguard.

Pefkari Beach Thassos

What is Pefkari Beach Thassos like?

Pefkari Beach Thassos is a 250-meter-long beach covered with sand and a few pebbles. It is primarily known as the place to be if you are after water sports in Thassos. Still, despite its rocky seabed, it attracts many tourists who want to relax in its sunbeds.

Pefkari Beach Thassos photo

Is Pefkari Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you love watersports or you stay in the nearby Potos village, then, yes, Pefkari beach is more than worth visiting. However, there are grander beaches with more sand and a better seabed in this area of Thassos.

Atspas Beach Thassos

What is Atspas Beach Thassos like?

Atspas Beach is a picturesque sandy beach with crystal clear blue shallow water surrounded by a tiny gulf. Although only 40 meters long, it is wide enough to accommodate 200 or more guests in the sunbeds and the area behind the umbrellas.

Atspas Beach Thassos photo

Is Atspas Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes, Atspas Beach is a must-visit in Thassos! Not only will you love its scenic location and shallow waters, but you will also have the chance to witness some of the finest sunsets on the island. The only caveat is that you have to climb about 40 stairs to access the beach.

Platanes Beach Thassos

What is Platanes Beach Thassos like?

Platanes Beach Thassos is a family-friendly wide sandy beach just outside the picturesque village of Skala Marion. It is also the only beach with a waterpark dedicated to kids, known as the Aqua Park Maries! Apart from the excellent beach bar, there is plenty of space to put your own chairs or beach blankets.

where is the Aqua Park Thassos skala maries

Is Platanes Beach worth visiting?

Platanes Beach is a superb choice if you have kids. You can stay in the sunbed and let your kids play in the open sandy space or have fun in the aquapark. And as the day reaches its end, the music gets louder, and the area attracts a more youthful audience!

Rosonkremos Beach Thassos

What is Rosonkremos Beach Thassos like?

Rosonkremos Beach is a 150-meter long sandy beach with blue Caribbean-like waters! As you visit the beach, you will notice two distinct parts. Those will be the shaded eastern section managed by the nearby resort and the free western part you can use at your convenience.

Rosonkremos Beach Thassos photo

Is Rosonokremos Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you’re comfortable sharing the beach with hundreds of other guests, most of whom come from the on-site resort, then Rosonkremos can be worth a visit. Your kids will also love it since the beach is mainly sandy with only a few pebbles as you enter the water.

Vathi Beach Thassos

What is Vathi Beach Thassos like?

Vathi Beach Thassos is a narrow 100-meter long sandy beach in a picturesque bay surrounded by pine trees. Recently, it has been operating as a private beach managed by the new hotel in the area. There is also a dispute on whether the beach is private or public.

Vathi Beach Thassos photo

Is Vathi Beach Thassos worth visiting?

In short, not anymore. The new hotel has taken away the serenity and wild beauty of the beach while discouraging access to non-residents with high prices. Plus, it is not easy to reach by car. You’ll be better off visiting the Porto Vathy beach or Saliara in the area.

Arriba Beach Thassos

What is Arriba Beach Thassos like?

Arriba Beach Thassos is an atmospheric sandy beach shaded by tall pine trees that literally reach the water. The vegetation in the trees is so dense that you don’t need any sunbed! The only drawback is that there are a few rocks in the water.

Arriba Beach Thassos photo

Is Arriba Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes, you will fall in love with Arriba Beach for its magnificent and romantic setting, much owing to the tall pine trees and their shade. And if you want some sunlight, head to either corner of the beach and get that tan you are after.

Blue Lake Beach Thassos

What is Blue Lake Beach Thassos like?

Blue Lake Beach Thassos is a family-friendly sandy beach with natural shade from pine trees. Not only will you enjoy the emerald waters of the Aegean, but you can also head to the nearby pool managed by a hotel. Your kids won’t know where to go first!

Blue Lake Beach Thassos photo

Is Blue Lake Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you have kids, Blue Lake Beach is an excellent choice that combines the fun of sandy waters and the convenience of a pool. However, because of that reason, it may often not be ideal for relaxing, in which case neighboring Arriba Beach can be a better fit.


Plaka Beach Thassos

What is Plaka Beach Thassos

Plaka Beach is a pebble beach shaded by pine trees whose leaves almost touch the sea. Although the sunbeds and umbrellas are on pebble terrain, you only have to walk a few meters on a clear path to reach the sandy sunbed at waist level.

Plaka Beach Thassos photo

Is Plaka Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you’re looking for a quiet, scenic beach to relax and don’t mind pebbles, Plaka Beach is an excellent choice. Not only will you have an entire beach for yourself, but you can also swim in crystal clear waters. Plus, snorkeling here is an activity you don’t want to miss.

Karnagio Beach Thassos

What is Karnagio Beach Thassos like?

Karnagio Beach Thassos is a tiny marble white sand beach in front of the popular Karnagio bar. Although the seabed is rocky, the bar has installed sandbags making access to the water easier. The highlight of the beach is, of course, the facilities and its romantic setting.

Karnagio Beach Thassos photo

Is Karnagio Beach Thassos worth visiting?

It depends. If you want to visit Karnagio Bar, its beach should undoubtedly be on your bucket list. However, if you are looking for a fabulous beach to spend the day on, you better choose one of the many alternatives in the area.

Kalami Beach Thassos

What is Kalami Beach Thassos like?

Kalami Beach Thassos is a 100-meter-long pebble beach with some parts of sand. You may need swim shoes to enter the water as the bottom is covered with pebbles, but the crystal clear water will reward you enough. Bring your snorkeling gear and prepare to be amazed!

Kalami Beach Thassos photo

Is Kalami Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If your priority is snorkeling, then you have to visit Kalami Beach. However, note that the beach is not sandy and has a rocky reef-like seabed, which is also the reason it makes for a great snorkeling destination, but not more than that.

Astris Beach Thassos

What is Astris Beach Thassos like?

Astris Beach Thassos is a 200-meter-long beach covered with sand and pebbles in the settlement of Astris. Although most seabed is rocky, there is a sandy bottom after a few meters. Still, it gets deep after 6 meters, which means there is much room to walk on the sandy bottom.

Astris Beach Thassos photo

Is Astris Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you want to explore every beach of Thassos, then yes, Astris Beach may be worth visiting. However, there are many more beautiful beaches you have to see first. Even right next to it, you will find the more popular and sandy Psili Ammos Beach.

Thimonia Beach Thassos

What is Thimonia Beach Thassos like?

Thimonia Beach Thassos is a narrow 100-meter-long beach with more pebbles than sand. Its main highlight is the privacy you will have once you are here. The seabed is also rocky, although the left corner of the beach has a few meters of sand between shore and rocks.

Thymonia Beach Thassos photo

Is Thimonia Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Although you would need to pay to use the properties’ sunbeds, Thimonia Beach is a good choice if you are looking for quiet time away from the crowds. However, remove that only 2 kilometers east, you will find Aliki Beach, so make sure to go there first.

Pekfari Camping Beach Thassos

What is Pefkari Camping Beach Thassos like?

Pefkari Camping Beach Thassos is a pebble beach shared between a beach bar and a holiday resort. These two facilities keep part of the beach clean from most pebbles and turn it into almost a sandy beach. Finally, when you are here, remember to visit the tiny cave on the northern side.

And if you want to learn more about camping in Thassos, read this local guide!

Pefkari Camping Beach Thassos photo

Is Pefkari Camping Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Although not a famous beach, Pefkari Camping Beach may be worth visiting if all you want is privacy combined with beach bar facilities. Otherwise, Pefkari or Potos Beach, a few hundred meters south, will be more suitable alternatives.

Dasilio Beach Thassos

What is Dasilio Beach Thassos like?

Dasilio Beach Thassos is a long narrow beach full of modern resorts and a few beach bar facilities. Most of the beach has many pebbles, although you will see more sand if you sit at one of the sunbeds. The interior is also rocky, and you will need swim shoes.

Dasilio Beach Thassos photo

Is Dasilio Beach worth visiting?

Although a long and quiet beach, Dasilio Beach does not have much to offer, especially when you compare it with other beaches in Thassos. Come here if you want to sunbathe for hours in a quiet environment while shortly diving into the water to cool down.

Etisies Beach Thassos

What is Etisies Beach Thassos like?

Etisies Beach Thassos is connected with Dasilio Beach and remains mostly covered with pebbles, although the sand is also visible. The parts you will see with the most sand are artificially installed by the nearby beach bar. The water starts off rocky and then turns to smooth sand.

Etisies Beach Thassos photo

Is Etisies Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Unless you have been to all other beaches in Thassos, you may postpone visiting Etisies Beach. The mix of sand and pebbles and the rocky seabed leaves a lot to be desired. However, service from the nearby bar is excellent.

Aphrodite Beach Thassos

What is Aphrodite Beach Thassos like?

Aphrodite Beach Thassos is a narrow stretch of sand intermingled with a few pebbles. You will love the views towards the harbor of Skala Prinos, only 300 meters north. Yet, you would need swim shoes when entering the water due to the rocky terrain.

Aphrodite Beach Thassos photo

Is Aphrodite Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If all you want is to sunbathe and enjoy a scenic view of a small Greek harbor, then Aphrodite Beach is your match. And you will love the quality services from the nearby bar. However, note that the sand is mixed with small stones while the seabed is also mainly rocky.

Nisteri Beach Thassos

What is Nisteri Beach Thassos like?

Nisteri Beach Thassos is a quiet 100-meter-long narrow beach covered with sand and pebbles. Although the seabed is a bit rocky as you enter, it turns sandy after a few meters. Access to the beach goes through the nearby hotel, which may require a fee.

Nisteri Beach Thassos photo

Is Nisteri Beach Thassos worth visiting?

You can check it out if you stay in the area, but don’t drive here to visit only this beach. There is nothing unique about this beach. After all, less than a kilometer away, you will find La Skala Beach, which is a must-visit while you are in Thassos.


Kinira Beach Thassos

What is Kinira Beach Thassos like?

Kinira Beach is a narrow long pebble beach that sits opposite the tiny islet of Kinira Thassos. Although it lies along with the settlement of Kinira, it is a wild beach with few to no people. Its most popular side is the northern part, which has a sandy section.

Kinira Beach Thassos photo

Is Kinira Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you stay in Kinira, yes. Otherwise, you would love the adjacent beach of Paradise or the nearby sandy Golden Beach a lot more. Don’t expect sunbeds or umbrellas if you decide to get here as the beach is not organized.

Potos Beach Thassos

What is Potos Beach Thassos like?

Potos Beach is a 500-meter long sandy beach with few to no pebbles. It starts in the center of the cosmopolitan summer resort of Potos, where you can find most beach bars, beachfront ravers, and watersport facilities. Finally, you will like that the seabed remains sandy.

Potos Beach Thassos photo

Is Potos Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Although Potos is a village you have to visit and explore while in Thasos, its beach does not offer much other than its cosmopolitan vibe and loud music. If you are looking for crowds and tightly packed sunbeds, you will like Potos Beach.

Limenaria Beach Thasos

What is Limenaria Beach Thassos like?

Limenaria has two separate beaches. One is inside the fishing port and can get a bit dirty, and the other one starts outside the port and spans almost 2 kilometers west. In either case, the seabed is rocky, although more sand comes into the surface the further you walk.

Limenaria Beach Thassos photo

Is Limenaria Beach Thassos worth visiting?

No, the area has better beaches, such as Tripiti in the west or Metalia in the east. The rocky seabed and the mixture of sand and pebbles leave a lot to be desired for Limenaria Beach. However, if you stay in the area, you would appreciate a quick dive or swim.

Skala Maries Beach Thassos

What is Skala Maries Beach Thassos like?

Skala Maries beach is a small 40-meter long sandy beach in the heart of the picturesque village of Skala Maries. You will be surrounded by fishing taverns while enjoying the shallow and calm waters that make it ideal for kids.

Skala Maries Beach Thassos photo

Is Skala Maries Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Skala Maries is a village you have to visit to have lunch or dinner in its picturesque square. Then, grab this opportunity to swim on the adjacent beach in the middle of all the taverns. You can also visit the beach otherwise but expect to be crowded due to its small size.

Skala Kallirachi Beach Thassos

What is Skala Kallirachi Beach Thassos like?

Skala Kallirachi is a small quiet sandy beach in the heart of Skala Kallirachi village. The seabed remains sandy and shallow, making it ideal for families. You will also love the picturesque port that lies next to the beach and makes a great place to have a stroll while watching the sunset.

Skala Kallirachi Beach Thassos photo

Is Skala Kallirachi Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you are looking for a quiet sandy beach away from crowds, you will love Skala Kallirachi Beach. To enjoy it the most, make sure to visit late in the afternoon to take in the views of the breathtaking sunset and then have a walk on the beautiful promenade.

Skala Sotiros Beach Thassos

What is Skala Sotiros Beach Thassos like?

Skala Sotiros Beach is a 100-meter-long sandy beach with a few pebbles in the heart of Skala Sotiros village. It is a lovely spot to sunbathe in a quiet environment while enjoying the quality services from the nearby beach bars.

Skala Sotiros Beach Thassos photo

Is Skala Sotiros Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Although there are better beaches in Thassos, you will still love visiting Skala Sotiros Beach if your priority is finding a quiet spot to swim. Plus, you can have a few drinks and quality service from the beach bars in the area.

Skala Rachoni Beach Thassos

What is Skala Rachoni Beach Thassos like?

Skala Rachoni Beach is a 400-meter-long yet narrow beach with a mix of sand and pebbles. You will find it along with the seaside settlement of Skala Rachoni, where various resorts and hotels reside. Finally, its southern part features a few sunbeds and umbrellas managed by a hotel.

Skala Rachoni Beach Thassos photo

Is Skala Rachoni Beach Thassos worth visiting?

No, unless you stay in the area. Thassos island has fantastic beaches, but Skala Rachoni is not one of them. It is narrow, neither sandy nor pebble-only, and it even has some grass on its upper levels. Instead of coming here, visit Pachi Beach, less than 2 kilometers north.

Limenas Beach Thassos

What is Limenas Beach Thassos like?

Limenas Beach, also known as Thassos Town Beach, is a 100-meter-long sandy beach on the outskirts of Thassos capital. Although next to the fishing port Limanaki, Limenas Beach waters are clear and clean enough to swim. You will also find a wide selection of bars in the area.

Limenas Beach Thassos photo

Is Limenas Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you stay in Limenas, it is worth walking here and having a quick swim to cool down from the Greek heat. However, if you have a car, you will enjoy yourself more if you visit the nearby beaches of Marble Beach or Porto Vathy.

Papias Beach Thassos

What is Papias Beach Thassos like?

Papias Beach is a narrow sandy beach in the southern part of Thassos town. Although some parts of the beach have pebbles, the seabed is sandy while the water remains shallow for a reasonable distance. In other words, it is ideal for kids!

Papias Beach Thassos photo

Is Papias Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you have to choose one beach within walking distance from Limenas center, Papias would be it. Families will love it for its shallow and calm waters. However, if you have a car, you may enjoy the nearby La Skala Beach more.

Tarsanas Beach Thassos

What is Tarsanas Beach Thassos like?

Tarsanas Beach is essentially part of Papias Beach but took its name from the nearby studios with the same name. Unlike Papias, the water here contains some urchins and rocks that make access difficult. However, the beach is a combination of sand and pebbles.

Tarsanas Beach Thassos photo

Is Tarsanas Beach Thassos worth visiting?

No, unless you stay in the nearby properties. Even in those cases, you may be better off going to Papias Beach, only a few meters north. However, the facilities from the nearby studios are superb, so it might be a good option if you only wish to sunbathe.


Fari Beach Thassos

What is Fari Beach Thassos like?

Fari Beach is a long wild beach covered with sand and pebbles. Although the water has some stones as you enter, it gives way to sand after a few meters. The beach is also surrounded by pine trees and cliffs, creating a scenic setting.

Fari Beach Thassos photo

Is Fari Beach worth visiting?

Yes, especially if you are looking for a quiet beach where you will have everything for yourself. Plus, snorkelers and swimmers will love Fari Beach. Although it is not an organized beach, there are a few shaded spots under pine trees. Finally, you need up to 10 minutes to walk here.

Skidia Beach Thassos

What is Skidia Beach Thassos like?

Skidia Beach is a tiny 10-meter sandy beach that many consider a magical hidden gem. And because it is a bit difficult to access on foot, it remains quiet and ideal for those looking for something unique and willing to walk off-road for a few minutes.

Skidia Beach Thassos photo

Is Skidia Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes, but the question is whether you can easily walk here. To reach the beach, expect to walk to the nearby restaurant and then 5 minutes off-track down to the beach. Once you are here, you will enjoy unparalleled privacy in a scenic setting.

Vulos Beach Thassos

What is Vulos Beach Thassos like?

Vulos beach is a small pebble beach on the side of the longer sandy San Antonio beach. Although a wild beach, it is not remote as swimmers from the nearby beach pass by frequently. To reach it, you can either attempt a challenging descent from the gravel road or swim here.

Vulos Beach Thassos photo

Is Vulos Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you have visited San Antonio beach nearby, it is worth swimming until Vulos Beach. However, don’t come here only for Vulos. You will not get the privacy, and quiet time you may hope for from such a wild beach.

Pefkaria Beach Thassos

What is Pefkaria Beach Thassos like?

Pefkaria beach is a wild rocky beach shaded by olive trees that almost touch the water. However, the seabed is full of rocks and relatively deep, yet with crystal-clear waters. That is also the reason it makes for a great snorkeling experience.

Pefkaria Beach Thassos photo

Is Pefkaria Beach worth visiting?

If your priority is snorkeling, and you don’t care about sitting on top of smooth rocks, you may like Pefkaria Beach. However, this is not a family-friendly destination, and above all, it doesn’t have any sand. Thankfully, it is easy to access from the main road.

Peristeres Beach Thassos

What is Peristeres Beach Thassos like?

Peristeres Beach is a small wild beach covered with sand and a few pebbles. The seabed is primarily sandy, while some parts are rocky and hide sea urchins. Finally, it is usually quiet since you cannot easily notice it from the road, even though the main street is only a few meters away.

Peristeres Beach Thassos Photo

Is Peristeres Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you are looking for privacy and quiet times, you will love Peristeres Beach. And you don’t even have to walk far to reach it. Bring your snorkeling equipment before you get here, as the waters are superb for such activities in Thassos.

Glikadi Beach Thassos

What is Glikadi Beach Thassos like?

Glikadi Beach is a narrow 100-meter-long sandy beach with a few rocks on each side. Thankfully, the seabed remains sandy for the first 10 meters, after which it turns rocky and has a few sea urchins. There is also an area with man-made covers that offer some shade.

Glikadi Beach Thassos photo

Is Glikadi Beach Thassos worth visiting?

You will like Glikadi beach if you are after a relatively quiet sandy beach. However, it has lost its reputation as a wild beach since half of it now has some sunbeds and umbrella-like covers. In any case, you will enjoy snorkeling here.

Glyfada Beach Thassos

What is Glyfada Beach Thassos like?

Glifada Beach is a remote 200-meter-long sandy beach that you can access through the private property of the nearby hotel. The sunbeds from the hotel lie above the sandy section on the grass-like ground. Regarding the water, it is mostly sandy with a few rocky parts.

Glyfada Beach Thassos photo

Is Glyfada Beach Thassos worth visiting?

If you stay in the adjacent hotel, spending at least a day on that beach makes sense. However, it may not be worth the €5 fee if you are a guest. In that case, better visit the adjacent La Skala Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Thassos.

Livadi Beach Thassos

What is Livadi Beach Thassos like?

Livadi Beach is a 200-meter-long wide, wild beach with parts of sand and pebbles. Although the road here is tricky to drive, you can make it with a typical car if you go slowly. Finally, the seabed is rocky, so you may need swim shows to enter.

Livadi Beach Thassos photo

Is Livadi Beach worth visiting?

As long as the beach remains wild, Livadi Beach makes an excellent destination for everyone seeking a peaceful and quiet place to swim. However, there are signs that a beach bar may open here, in which case the beach will lose its charm, and sandy beaches like Aliki will be better alternatives.


Platana Beach Thassos

What is Platana Beach Thassos like?

Platana Beach Thassos is a small off-the-beaten-path sandy beach with few to no pebbles and natural shade by pine trees. The beach bar does a great job of keeping the beach clean, cozy, and quiet while offering quality drinks and services.

Platana Beach Thasso photo

Is Platana Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Yes. Although not a famous beach, Platana Beach has everything you ever wished for from a Greek beach. Natural shade, crystal clear waters, and a modern beach bar. Plus, it is surprisingly quiet and relatively untouched. So, make sure to come here before it becomes more known.

Glyfoneri Beach Thassos

What is Glifoneri Beach Thassos like?

Glifoneri Beach is a tiny sandy beach shaded by pine trees in a picturesque bay with views over the mainland. The water is clear and shallow, while the seabed remains sandy, making it ideal for kids. Behind the public beach, you’ll see the traditional tavern which manages the sunbeds.

Glifoneri Beach Thassos photo

Is Glyfoneri Beach worth visiting?

If you have kids and are looking for a small scenic beach, you will like Glifoneri Beach. It is also a good spot for snorkeling on the rocky sides of the bay. Above all, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a delicious meal at the beachfront tavern.

Arsanas Beach Thassos

What is Arsanas Beach Thassos like?

Arsanas Beach is a small organized beach with a mix of sand and pebbles. Although getting here will need about 5 minutes of driving on a dirt road, you will find a small family-run tavern in front of the beach. You will like it for its magnificent views of the nearby bay.

Arsanas Beach Thassos photo

Is Arsanas Beach worth visiting?

If you’re in the area and feel like driving off-road for a while, then Arsanas Beach is worth visiting. It used to be more popular until a shorter route to Giola opened. Today, it’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking privacy on a scenic beach with beach bar facilities.

Salonikios Beach Thassos

What is Salonikios Beach Thassos like?

Salonikios Beach is a secluded, organized scenic beach with a mix of sand and pebbles. Getting here is somewhat challenging as you have to drive on a dirt road for a while, but its scenic setting rewards you enough.

Salonikios Beach Thassos photo

Is Salonikios Beach worth visiting?

Yes, provided that you’re willing to attempt the challenging drive here. You may enjoy the beach more if you come through the sea, for example, by joining a boat trip. Regardless, you’ll love its picturesque setting with the pine trees surrounding the bay and the crystal-clear waters.

Astrida Beach Thassos

What is Astrida Beach Thassos like?

Astrida Beach is a 50-meter-long sandy beach organized with wooden sunbeds and umbrellas. You will find it between the famous beaches of Psili Ammos and Astris. Although the beach is sandy, the seabed is primarily rocky, so you may need swim shoes to enter.

Astrida Beach Thassos photo

Is Astrida Beach worth visiting?

Although the neighboring Psili Ammos Beach may be a better option, you may still enjoy your time in Astrida Beach. Come here if your priority is to sunbathe in the quality sunbeds while having a drink or two from the nearby beach bar.

Agia Anna Beach Thassos

What is Agia Anna Beach Thassos like?

Agia Anna Beach is a 20-meter-long sandy beach in a small picturesque bay surrounded by pine trees. Most of the seabed is sandy and shallow enough for kids to safely play on the shore. However, the beach is no longer wild as almost its entirety is full of sunbeds from the nearby hotel.

Agia Anna Beach Thassos photo

Is Agia Anna Beach Thassos worth visiting?

Although Agia Anna Beach used to be a remote sandy paradise, it has lost its wild charm due to the newly-installed sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach is already small, so if you add the guests from the hotel, it can quickly get crowded. In short, better visit the nearby Psili Ammos Beach.

Emerald Beach Thassos

What is Emerald Beach Thassos like?

Emerald Beach Thassos is a 20-meter-long wide beach covered with a mix of sand and pebbles. Although it used to be wild, access to it now only goes through the newly built villas or by sea. The seabed is rocky, and there are sea urchins, so make sure to wear swim shoes.

Emerald Beach Thassos photo

Is Emerald Beach Thassos worth visiting?

No. At least not anymore. Since the newly built villas, access to Emerald Beach is difficult. But even if you make it there, it has lost its charm as a remote wild beach. Factor in the sea urchins, and you have enough reason to prefer another beach.

Notos Beach Thassos

What is Notos Beach Thassos like?

Notos Beach is a small hidden sandy beach with few to no pebbles. Although the road here is steep, especially for children, it is only 50 meters from the main road. Plus, a cantina offers drinks and manages the sunbeds on the beach.

Notos Beach Thassos photo

Is Notos Beach worth visiting?

If you are looking for a secluded beach with bar-like facilities, you might like Notos Beach. However, the path is steep, and you may prefer to arrive by boat. Thankfully, the water here is superb, so you’ll love swimming and snorkeling.

Frequently Asked Questions for Beaches in Thassos

1. What are the most popular beaches in Thassos?

Thassos boasts numerous stunning beaches like Paradise Beach, known for its fine golden sand and Marble Beach (Saliara), famous for its unique white pebbles and turquoise waters. Each offers a distinct charm and beauty .

2. Can I find family-friendly beaches in Thassos?

Yes, many beaches in Thassos are perfect for families. Paradise Beach and Golden Beach offer shallow, clear waters and soft sand, ideal for kids to play safely. They also have amenities like sunbeds and beach bars for convenience.

3. Are there any secluded beaches in Thassos?

For those seeking tranquility, Vathi Beach near Marble Beach provides a quieter alternative with fewer amenities but stunning beauty. Notos Beach is another less crowded option for a peaceful day by the sea.

4. What facilities can I expect at Thassos beaches?

Facilities vary, but many beaches like Golden Beach and Paradise Beach offer sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, and tavernas. However, some secluded spots like Vathi Beach might have fewer amenities, offering a more natural setting.

5. How can I reach Marble Beach and is it easy to access?

Marble Beach is accessible by a dirt road from Limenas, which can be challenging without a 4×4 vehicle. There’s a walk involved if you can’t drive up to the beach, making early morning or late summer visits ideal.

6. Is there an entrance fee to any of Thassos’ beaches?

Most beaches in Thassos are free to access, including Paradise and Marble Beach. However, Makryammos is an exception, where an entrance fee is charged due to the exclusive facilities and organized setting it offers.

7. What kind of water activities can I enjoy in Thassos?

Water sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do, especially at Golden Beach, which boasts a scuba diving center and various water sports. The clear and calm waters of Thassos are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

8. Are there any beaches in Thassos that cater to nudists?

Yes, Paradise Beach has a section reserved for nudists, though it’s less defined in recent years. Visitors looking for nudist-friendly areas typically find spots behind the rocks or in less crowded parts of the beach.

9. How crowded do Thassos beaches get during peak season?

Popular beaches like Marble Beach can get quite busy during the summer months. For a quieter experience, consider visiting in early or late summer, or explore less crowded beaches like Vathi or Notos Beach.

10. What should I bring to Thassos beaches?

Pack sunscreen, water, snacks, and if you plan to visit less developed beaches, bring your own sun protection like umbrellas or hats. Water shoes are a good idea for rocky or pebbled beaches like Marble Beach

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