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Get to know Golden Beach Thassos: everything you ever asked about the longest beach of Thassos!

by | Aug 15, 2023 | ThasosHolidays

Swimming and sunbathing at Golden Beach Thassos_
Everything you need to know about Marble Beach Thassos with unique footage and local tips! In short, it's 2 kilometers of endless beauty!


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Here is everything you need to know about Golden Beach Thassos before visiting this 2-kilometer-long Thassos Beach. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of Golden Beach Thassos and get ready to explore its endless beauty!

Golden Beach Map Thasos Holidays


Thassos, a gem of the Aegean Sea, is an island renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich historical heritage, and, most importantly, its beautiful beaches.

Among them, the Thassos Golden Beach stands out as a prominent highlight, attracting thousands of tourists each year with its stunning beauty and numerous amenities.

The southern side of Golden Beach near Skala Potamia

What is Golden Beach Thassos like?

Golden Beach Thassos is a 2-kilometer-long sandy beach with everything you ever wished for your Greek holidays. Endless gold sand, crystal-clear waters, traditional taverns, modern bars, deluxe sunbeds, all-around accommodation, and watersports create the perfect setting for your Thasos Holidays.

The Unparalleled Beauty of Thassos Golden Beach

The Golden Beach, known locally as “Chrissi Ammoudia,” holds an irresistible allure for beach lovers. Stretching across a vast area between the resorts of Skala Panagias and Skala Potamias, this sandy paradise is embraced by a verdant cover of dense vegetation and overlooked by the imposing Mount Ipsarion.

The beach is a tribute to nature’s artistry, featuring fine golden sand and crystal-clear waters. It’s no wonder so many of the Thassos Golden Beach reviews are so positive: The radiant sun, the azure sea, and the warm sand converge to create a picture of utmost tranquility.

The sunrise at Golden Beach Thassos

What is the highlight of Golden Beach?

Although it is difficult to pinpoint just one thing that makes Golden Beach stand out, there is something that does make the difference. And that is no other than watching the sunrise from its shore. Imagine having your early morning coffee on the perfect sand of Golden Beach, overlooking a view that will leave you breathless.

In short, visiting Golden Beach should be part of your Thassos plans. By the way, if you haven’t decided on your Thassos itinerary yet, check one of my suggested itineraries for your Thassos holidays: a 7-day itinerary, a 5-day itinerary, or a shorter 4-day itinerary.

The view of Golden Beach Thassos from the west side

What is the view from Golden Beach?

Golden Beach offers unparalleled views over the Easter Aegean and the Thracian Sea. But that’s just one side of the coin. If you turn around, you’ll see vegetation reaching all the way to the shore. And just behind the olive groves, Mount Ipsarion rises over the bay, adding an extra beautiful touch to the already breathtaking scenery.

Is Golden Beach ideal for kids?

Thanks to its shallow and calm waters, your kids will love Golden Beach. The deep swimming part only starts once you walk about 50 meters into the water. Hence, you can relax on your sunbed and let your kids safely play on the shore, build sandcastles, and have fun.

It’s no wonder Thassos Golden Beach is particularly favored by families owing to its shallow waters. The sea depth begins at about 50 meters from the shore, making it a safe playground for children. The long shallows and the beach’s organization with lifeguards on duty enhance its appeal as a family-friendly destination.



The view of Golden Beach Thassos from the north

Is Golden Beach different from Golden Coast Beach?

Technically, they are the same beach, although they may refer to different sections. Golden Coast Beach is the southern part near Skala Potamia, and Golden Beach is the northern part near Skala Panagia. Although they used to be separate due to a small river, they are now part of the same beach.

Golden Beach Thassos clean sand

From where does Golden Beach take its name?

If you visit Golden Beach on a hot summer day, you may notice the sun rays making the sand glow and sparkle. And because the beach is clean and well maintained, this phenomenon is more common than on other beaches. That is why they named it Golden Beach.

One of the many beach bars in Golden Beach


The dirt road that connects Skala Potamia with Marble Beach

Where is Golden Beach Thassos?

You can find Golden Beach on the eastern part of Thassos, 11 kilometers from the island’s capital. It spans two kilometers from the village of Skala Potamia on the southern tip to the northern end of the bay. Due to its proximity to Panagia, Golden Beach also brings the name Skala Panagia.

Skala Potamia northern section

What are the villages near Golden Beach?

On one end of the bay lies the picturesque fishing village of Skala Potamia, where you can indulge in one of the most delicious fish meals in Thassos. About 4 kilometers inland, the mountain villages of Panagia and Potamia offer scenic views over the entire length of Golden Beach.

The port of Skala Potamia and the Golden Beach near it

How to get to Golden Beach Thassos?

The best way to get to Golden Beach is to drive there. If you are in Limenas, head towards Panagia in the east. Before entering the village, take a sharp left and continue your descent towards Golden Beach. If you are near Paradise Beach, drive north, and you’ll see it on your right.


Golden Beach section with umbrellas and sunbeds

What to do in Golden Beach?

Your number one priority would be sunbathing, of course. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you want to dine by the water in a fish tavern, go snorkeling, ride a jet skip, have fun with water sports, or walk from one end to another, Golden Beach has you covered!

What facilities can I find in Golden Beach Thassos?

The Thassos Golden Beach is not just about natural aesthetics; it also boasts a range of facilities designed to cater to the needs of every visitor. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Sunbeds & Umbrellas: Available for use with an ordered drink or you can bring your own umbrella and set up wherever you prefer.
  • Showers: Conveniently located for a quick rinse after a dip in the sea.
  • Food & Drink: A range of tavernas, restaurants, and bars line the beach, offering a variety of culinary delights.
  • Music: Several beach bars provide a soothing soundtrack to your day at the beach.
  • Watersports: For the adventurous, there are water sports facilities offering activities such as paddle boats, kayaks, and sub boards.
  • Parking: Plenty of parking space is available near the beach.
  • Volleyball: For those who enjoy a bit of sporty fun, there’s a designated volleyball area.

Insider Tip: While the beach is easily accessible by car, boat, and public transport, having a printed Thassos Golden Beach map at hand can prove helpful in navigating the area.

JetSki making rounds in the ocean

What water sports can I do in Golden Beach?

The water sports facilities in Golden Beach offer a wide range of activities, including ringos, fly bananas, sofa, twisters, water bicycles, sting rays, and more. You will find two water sports centers in the northern part of Golden Beach.

Golden Beach section with umbrellas and sunbeds

What can you buy in Golden Beach?

Expect to find a wide range of products and souvenirs in Golden Beach. Whether you want to buy original Greek folk art, souvenirs, or useful accessories, Golden Beach has you covered. Above all, you will love the experience of exploring the picturesque local market.

Scuba Diving man swiming next to fish

Can I go scuba diving from Golden Beach?

Yes, you can, and scuba diving is one of the best water activities in Golden Beach. You would need to book your trip at least one day ahead as the day starts early, and you must learn a few basics before you get into the water. There are two divings centers in the southern part of Golden Beach.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

In addition to lounging on the beach, there are plenty of things to do around Thassos Golden Beach. From exploring the local flora and fauna to diving into the local culture and history, the options are endless.

The beach’s location in the heart of Thassos allows visitors to explore a host of nearby attractions. Some popular destinations include:

Feel free to also check this ultimate list of 101 things to do in Thassos!


When it comes to satisfying your taste buds, the Thassos Golden Beach doesn’t disappoint. The beachfront is dotted with numerous restaurants and tavernas serving mouth-watering Greek cuisine. From fresh seafood to traditional Greek dishes, you’ll find a wide array of options to indulge in.

The view of Golden Beach from the south

Where to eat in Golden Beach Thassos?

Although there are taverns and bars across the 2 kilometers of Golden Beach, you will find most of them on the southern end, near the village of Skala Potamia. As you approach the area, you’ll see on your left a series of traditional taverns right by the water.

Choose any of them, and you won’t regret it. Although it may not always be accurate, the best option usually turns out to be the tavern with the most locals. So all you have to do is listen for the noise. Yes, Greeks can be loud when dining, but that’s part of the appeal too

Golden Beach Thassos during winter

What to eat in Golden Beach?

Since you are by the water, it makes sense to opt for fresh fish or any seafood you like. Grilled octopus and fried squid are two of the most typical dishes you can have in Golden Beach. Above all, remember to ask the waiter what fresh fish they have, and they’ll be happy to help you.

Top 10 places to stay in Golden Beach Thassos

With the beach’s popularity come excellent accommodation options. Numerous hotels, apartments, and villas are available in close vicinity to the beach, suited to diverse budgets and preferences.

Some of the notable accommodation options include:

  • Andreadis Maizonette – Situated in Skala Potamia in the Thassos region, Andreadis Maizonette features a balcony and garden views. This property offers access to a terrace.
  • Alexis Villas – Stay in one of the seven new villas just 200 m. from Golden Beach with the perfect combination of stone, wood, and traditional art
  • Alexis New Villas – The Alexis New Villas and the Studios are situated 700-800 meters away from the beach and the center of Golden Beach, so you can live in a peaceful environment without noise and cars.
  • Waves Studios – Looking for accommodation on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Thassos? Consider booking your vacation at the modernly furnished Waves Studios.
  • San Giorgio Apartments – A contemporary and family-friendly complex that consists of 9 apartments and 2 studios, all perfectly equipped with all the necessary facilities and can accommodate up to 4 people.
  • Elizavet Nuevo – Brand new, modern, and elegant apartments and studios for rent in Skala Potamia, Thassos.
  • Annas Villa – The ideal villa for 4 families or friends who would like the perfect vacation together. Located in Skala Potamia, with a private pool and beautiful garden.
  • Venia’s House – The two apartments at Venia’s House are located in Skala Potamia. They can accommodate up to 5 or 6 persons each.
  • Perla Beach – Perla Beach is situated in front of the beach in Golden Beach Thassos, a truly unique location on Thassos Island. Our newly built property is the ideal place for your summer vacation, as inspiration meets luxury to form an unforgettable picture.
  • Meli Suites – An exceptional view combined with elegant architecture make both hotels the best choice for you to have this summer. A journey to calmness, something to remember!

Frequently Asked Questions for Golden Beach, Thassos

1. What makes Golden Beach unique?

Golden Beach stands out for its stunning golden sands and crystal-clear waters, nestled between lush green mountains. It’s a paradise for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts alike, offering a serene yet vibrant atmosphere.

2. How can I reach Golden Beach?

Golden Beach is located about 12km from Limenas, the capital of Thassos. You can easily drive or take local transport from Limenas or any major town on Thassos to get there.

3. Are there any facilities on Golden Beach?

Yes, Golden Beach is well-equipped with amenities. You’ll find sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports facilities, and beach bars along its length. There are also several tavernas and shops nearby for your convenience.

4. Can I bring my family to Golden Beach?

Absolutely! Golden Beach’s shallow and clear waters make it a safe and enjoyable spot for children to swim and play. The beach’s length ensures there’s plenty of space for families to relax comfortably.

5. What accommodations are available near Golden Beach?

You’ll find a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels like Alexandra Golden Boutique Hotel to family-friendly options like Princess Golden Beach Hotel. There are also several apartments and studios close by.

6. What activities can I enjoy at Golden Beach?

Golden Beach is perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and sunbathing. Its calm waters and interesting underwater terrain make it ideal for exploring marine life or simply relaxing on a sun lounger.

7. Is Golden Beach crowded during the summer?

While Golden Beach is a popular destination, its vast length allows visitors to find spots without feeling overcrowded. For a more secluded experience, visiting during the early morning or late afternoon is recommended.

8. Are there dining options on Golden Beach?

Yes, you’ll find a variety of dining options along Golden Beach. From beachside tavernas offering fresh seafood to bars where you can enjoy a refreshing drink, there’s something for every palate.

9. Can I rent water sports equipment at Golden Beach?

Definitely! There are several places along the beach where you can rent equipment for kayaking, paddleboarding, and other water sports. This makes it easy to enjoy the beautiful Aegean Sea.

10. What should I bring to Golden Beach?

Pack sunscreen, water, and a beach towel. If you plan to spend the whole day, consider bringing snacks or a picnic. And don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning scenery.


In conclusion, the Thassos Golden Beach is an irresistible blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and Greek charm.

Whether you’re a beach enthusiast, a history buff, or a culinary explorer, this beach has something for everyone.

So, delve into the golden sands of Thassos Golden Beach and weave unforgettable memories.

I hope this condensed guide about Golden Beach Thassos proves helpful.

In any case, I would like to hear your opinion about Golden Beach.

Are you looking forward to exploring its 2 kilometers of sand?

Maybe you have a question about it that is not answered here.

Or, if you have been to Golden Beach before, what are your thoughts about it?

Either way, leave a quick comment below now!

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