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Thassos E-Bike Tours: Discover the beauty of Thasos like never before! Check the options and pictures for Ebike Tour Thassos adventures!

Why EBIKE TOUR in Thassos?

Ride an ebike and let all of your senses discover Thassos in a way that you cannot feel by any other means. You’ll be one with nature, take in the panoramic views, feel the Aegean on your skin, smell the local herbs, pedal right next to the wild goats, and listen to the twits of the birds.

What's a Thasos Ebike Tour like?

Ebike tour is a unique experience. Join us and explore Thassos’s wildness and beauty in a way you will never forget. It will be the best day of your holiday! You’ll explore Thassos far more than you would ever expect to see, feel, and remember!

Thassos eBike Tours

Here are some of the Thassos eBike Tours you can currently join. We can also customize the itinerary for you.


Join the mostly flat Olive Grove eBike Thassos Tour and visit 3 beachfront villages and 1 mountain village. You’ll love cycling on the smooth dirt roads among olive groves in Dasilio between Skala Sotiros and Skala Prino. A visit to a remote beach in Skala Rachoni will reward your efforts.


Salonikios Thassos eBike Tour is another mainly flat tour leading you to one of Thassos’s most scenic and remote beaches. On your way there, you will explore the island’s coastline and 3 picturesque villages by the sea. You’ll especially enjoy the cycling path between Limenaria and Potos.


The Short Thassos Inner Loop gives you a taste of the majestic island’s interior. You’ll be e-biking in the heart of Thassos mountains, where the vegetation will make you feel like you’re in the Alps. Plus, you’ll have the chance to visit the Panteleimon Monastery, admire a marble quarry, and grab a drink in the romantic village of Ano Kazaviti.


For a day in the waterfalls of Thassos, the Thassos Waterfalls eBike Tour will leave you in awe of the island’s wonders once again. You’ll visit 4 different remote waterfalls in 2 locations in the interior of Thassos. Plus, the Maries and Kastro mountain villages will captivate you with their striking views.


If you want to e-bike to the peak of Thassos, choosing the Thassos Peak eBike Tour is a no-brainer. You’ll start from the mountain village of Maries, pass through the lake and waterfall, and reach Ipsarion peak within 2 hours. On the top, we will explore the area on foot before descending back on a fun, smooth downhill.




The Marble eBike Thassos Tour is one of the most scenic routes around Limenas. Although a challenging route with two small technical sections, this loop will introduce you to the majesty of mountain biking in Thassos. The views over Golden Beach, Limenas, and the mainland will be among the highlights of your Thassos holidays. What’s more, you’ll cycle through the capital Limenas and stop at the famous Marble Beach.


For an ultimate MTB experience in Thassos, the Mountain Village Hoping EBike Tour in Thassos will give you both a workout and chills of wonders. After all, the views between the mountain villages of Kallirachi, Sotiros, and Kazaviti are other-worldly. Although the terrain is technical at some points, once you reach the Monastery of Panteleimon, you’ve done all the hard work, and a smooth, long, fun downhill awaits you.

Gallery Thassos eBike Tours

View here photos of different eBike Tours in Thassos! Tip: each time you refresh the page, you see different pictures!

Amazing experience. The ebike are fantastic and going around with them is super enjoyable. thanks Dimi for the Guide. You made Thassos special

“Amazing experience with e bike. We touched some spectacular views and mystic places. I would Recommend it to everyone who wants to discover a quite and wild Thassos.”

posted in TripAdvisor

“A real nice good experience to explore the island. The guide is an enthusiastic guy who customizes all bike tours to your wishes.

We had 2 good but challenging mtb trips ( as we wished for ). Dimitrios picked us up at the hotel we were staying and made sure all was up to our wishes.

If you’re looking for adventure and seeing lovely parts of the island then try this for sure!”


posted in TripAdvisor

“Dimi provided a tailor-made walk in the hills of Thassos to discover the nature and beauty of the island. Very informative and friendly. Good value too.”

posted in TripAdvisor

ebike tours thassos

FAQ: Thassos eBike Tours

How many participants are on a tour?

From my experience, touring in small groups is the most fun for everyone involved. That’s why we want to keep numbers at a minimum, and our groups are no more than 4 riders. Contact me to ask for availability.

What eBikes do we use?

We use brand-new Cube e-Bikes. They are 2022 and 2023 models, of which the mountain e-bikes are equipped with Tannus armor for ultimate puncture resistance. What does that mean? No more flats for your e-bike!

Is e-biking cheating?

Riding an e-bike isn’t cheating: you still have to pedal and burn calories. It’s like riding a regular bike with the difference that you can choose the levels of assistance.

How much is the e-bike Tour Thassos?

You’ll rent the e-bikes from us, and a specialized guide will escort you to your e-bike tour. The total cost for the e-bike rental with the tour depends on the total number of participants (up to 4) and is as follows. Transportation of e-bikes when needed is included.

    • 4 riders: €75 per person
    • 3 riders: €80 per person
    • 2 riders: €100 per person
    • 1 rider: €150

So, if you’re a couple and want to join an e-Bike Thassos Tour, the cost is €100 per person, and you have a private tour. However, if you find two more riders, the price drops to €75 per person.

How difficult is each Thassos e-bike tour?

First, note that the difficulty of a tour is not defined by the kilometers but by the uphill and the challenge of the downhill.

As a result, each route is assigned a difficulty level. Easy means everyone who can ride a bike can join, regardless of fitness level. However, if you often ride a bicycle, such as a city bike, and work out, you’d be fit for the Moderate level tours. Finally, routes designated as Challenging are suited only for mountain bikers and road cyclists who ride 1-2 times a week.

When choosing a tour level, remember that an e-bike will help you to climb even the biggest hill but does not improve your riding skills.

What's included in the price?

The price includes e-bike rental, helmet, bike equipment as needed, transportation, and tour. The price does not include snacks or drinks. However, in each e-bike tour, we can visit a local tavern or cafe if you wish.

What do you need to bring?

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for cycling. Of course, on hot summer days, use sunscreen and sunglasses. Bring more water than you think you need; if you don’t want to carry it, ask the guide.

What time do we depart?

The departure time depends on the tour and the availability. We prefer to start early in the morning on hot days to avoid excessive heat. However, we coordinate the departure time together. Contact me to arrange everything.

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