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Want to cycle in Thassos? Rent an Ebike in Thassos and learn all about mtb and cycling in Thassos! Deliveries Available in all the island!

Why cycle in Thassos?

Thassos is one of the greenest islands in Greece, with spectacular views over olive groves, traditional villages, and the azure waters of the Aegean. Whether you want to cycle around the island or through its mountains, you will fall in love with Thassos in no time!

HOW IS mountain biking in Thassos?

The mountain terrain of Thassos is ever-changing, depending on where you go on the island. Imagine cycling out of the pine forest into an olive grove while you go up and down in Thassos hills taking in the breathtaking views of the Aegean.

ebikes thassos rentals rent ebikes in thassos CUBE ebikes in Thassos beach (3)

Our Bicycles

Here are some of the bicycles you can currently rent from eBikes Thassos Rentals (5 eBikes, 5 conventional bikes)

  • Reinforced with Tannus Armour for ultimate puncture resistance, Cube Performance 500 is a 2022 electric mountain bike that you will love at first sight. Any time you go uphill, open the battery with your left thumb and take that extra push that will help you cover more kilometers.
  • Reinforced with Tannus Armour for ultimate puncture resistance, Cube Attention SL 2022 is the backbone of every mountaineer who wants to roll the countryside, including any technical terrain. You will love its simplicity, performance, and stability. It is the perfect fit for the Thassos mountains.
  • Reinforced with Tannus Armour for ultimate puncture resistance, Cube Hybrid Pro 500 2022 is the highlight of mountain bikes in eBikes Thassos Rentals. It can take you even further than the Performance 500, it’s lighter, and the bike is smoother to drive. In short: the love of every mountain biker!
  • Hybrid ONE 400 is a 2022 electric touring bicycle that is ideal for the roads of Thassos. You can take it from Studios Plaka and arrive in Limenas or Limenaria in under an hour and with little to no effort. You will also love it if you want to explore the west coast and seaside villages of Thassos.
  • You can never get wrong with a CUBE Analog, especially the 2022 version. This bike can take you everywhere with comfort and speed. It is ideal for anyone who looks for a versatile bike with reliable performance.
  • One year older than the current remaining bikes in Studios Plaka, Attention SL 2021 offers the perfect combination of value and performance. Plus, you will love it for its sleek appearance and comfort!
  • If you are looking for something more down-to-earth, go ahead and pick Aim EX. It will work great on smooth terrain and even on more challenging dirt roads. In short, it is the go-to bike if you plan to cycle in between olive groves and relatively flat terrain.



Our Accessories

See what free and paid options you have for bike accessories rentals in Thassos. You can request those accessories on the spot or on my WhatsApp here.

Rent bike essentials for free in Thassos
  • Get all the essential accessories for free with your bike or bike rental. Among other tools, you can get an mtb helmet, lock, spare tube, Allen kit, pump, flat kit, and a bag or bike bag to carry everything easily.
rent electric pump in thassos
  • We offer a Xiaomi electric pump so you can pump your rental bike at your exact pressure without any hustle. At the touch of a button! You can get one for free for the duration of your rental. Note that they come and go on a first-come basis. 


+€5/ day

Rent bike basket in Thassos
  • Add a front basket for your e-bike or bike. This Cube RFR Klick & Go basket is easy to remove with just one button, so you can take it in your room at night or even go grocery shopping. We can add it to any bike type you choose.

Bike Rack

+€5 /day

Rent bike rack in Thassos
  • Add a bike rack to any bike or ebike you rent! This Cube Seatpost carrier with Rail Klick & Go can take up to 10 kilos of luggage, so you never have to carry anything on your shoulders. We can add it to any bike you want.

Child Seat

+€10/ day

rent bike child seat in Thassos
  • Rent a bike child seat in Thassos for your baby. Take any child up to 15kg with you around the island with this high-quality Bobike Go-On Frame Child Seat. We can add this child seat in any ebike or bike you want.

Rent bike backbag in Thassos
  • Add a backpack to your bike to place anything you desire. This quality backpack can carry up to 10 kilos of luggage and is ideal to tour the island and spend a few nights in different places. We can add it to any bike which stands on a Cube seat post carrier.


100% Gurantee


Because we care about quality and safety, you can find the top 2022 CUBE bikes in eBikes Thassos Rentals located in Studios Plaka.

Amazing experience. The ebike are fantastic and going around with them is super enjoyable. thanks Dimi for the routes advice also. You made Thassos special

Me and 4 friends had a great experience thanks to Dimi and his top quality service. We hired 4 brand new mountain bikes for a custom day trip Dimi prepared for us. He gave us a link with the journey mapped out on google maps, including check points and some good tips where we could grab some lunch on route. All in all a perfect day spent discovering the beautiful off-road trails in Thassos. I would recommend the experience to anyone who can ride a bike, especially since Dimi also has some e-bikes for those that need a little boost!

Damian Groves

posted in Google

We rented two bikes for an entire week to go around the Island. Thanks to Dimi, everything was perfect. He took care of everything we needed, as the bikes bag and all equipment for the bikes. Also he has been so kind and helpful giving us many advice about places to see and visit in the Island. So don’t hesitate to contact him! Super recommended!

Francesca Salterini

posted in Google

We borrowed two Cube E-bikes from Dimi and circled the island! They drove wonderfully and we were given patch kits and hoses to be on the safe side. Everything worked out great and Dimi is super friendly. Thanks again! ¨̮

Joy T

posted in Goolle

ebikes thassos rentals rent ebikes in thassos CUBE ebikes in Thassos beach (3)

FAQ: Thassos Cycling

Where to rent an eBike in Thassos?

You can rent an eBike from Thassos Cube station in eBikes Thassos Rentals located in Studios Plaka, Skala Kallirachi. Situated in the middle of the flat west coast, Studios Plaka makes a perfect starting point to tour the beachfront villages between Limenas and Limenaria, located in the western half of the island with scenic sunsets.

Where should I go mountain biking in Thassos?

When you rent an ebike in Thassos from us, you also get a digital cycling map of the island with three unique cycling routes. Take these routes as inspiration but remember to deviate and have fun on the way! The journey is what matters when cycling in Thassos!

How to rent a mountain e-bike in Thassos?

Visit eBikes Thassos Rentals in Studios Plaka and rent a mountain e-Bike directly from there. Feel free to also call or text on WhatsApp before you arrive to check availability. Alternatively, send an email, and you will get an answer promptly. We can deliver e-Bikes everywhere on the island!

What is tour cycling like in Thassos?

Thassos island has a developed road network that suits tour bicycles. No matter where you are on the beachfront, you can cycle 100 kilometers in either direction to return back to the place of origin. Especially the flat west side of the island around Skala Kallirachi is ideal for road cycling.

Where to rent a mountain bike in Thassos?

You can rent a mountain bike from Thassos Cube station in eBikes Thassos Rentals located in Studios Plaka, Skala Kallirachi. You can choose to load the mountain bike into your car or follow one of the scenic routes through the nearby olive grove and into the traditional mountain village of Kallirachi.

Where should I go tour cycling in Thassos?

When you rent a touring bike from eBikes Thassos Rentals in Studios Plaka, you also get a digital cycling map of Thassos with three unique tour cycling routes. You will especially love the routes to Skala Prinos pine forest as well as the Limenaria cycle.

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