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An Ultimate Maries Guide: 14 Things to Do in Maries Thassos

by | Dec 1, 2023 | ThasosHolidays

things to do in Maries Thassos
Are you visiting or looking for things to do in Maries Thassos? You’re in for a treat. Here is a complete Maries guide in Thassos Greece.


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Are you visiting or looking for things to do in Maries Thassos? You’re in for a treat. From picturesque landscapes to cultural landmarks, Maries Thassos offers many unique experiences for every traveler. 

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful getaway, Maries has something for everyone. This guide will explore the top tourist attractions and activities you must attend while visiting Maries Thassos Greece.

Maries waterfalls east of the lake

What to know about Maries Thassos

The ancient village of Maries, built during the Middle Ages, is a true gem in the heart of Thassos island. At a high altitude, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view and a picturesque escape. 

Located 42 km southwest of Limenas Thassos, the village is a sight to behold. The houses, built close together, showcase traditional architecture with unique balconies and intricately carved ceilings. As you explore, you’ll find a few taverns, cafes, and cozy rooms for rent in this mountainous paradise.

things to do in maries thassos

1. Visit the village church of Agios Georgios or Taxiarches

Step into the heart of the village, where a majestic mulberry tree has stood for centuries. Nestled beneath its comforting shade, you’ll find the enchanting church of “Taxiarches,” adorned with magnificent frescoes. 

Every year on September 12th, an extraordinary event occurs in the church courtyard – the legendary Greek ‘bean soup feast.’ This delightful tradition has become one of the most beloved Thassos events. As you join the Thassian festivities, indulge in warm bean soup and sip exquisite Thassos wine while captivated by the harmonious melodies of traditional and folk Greek music. 

This village gem, built in 1800, proudly serves as a testament to the Gathering of the Archangels and is revered as one of the oldest churches on Thassos island.

(PS. If you love what you see, check this guide on Thassos churches!)

Step inside and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance as you admire the beautiful icons and frescoes that adorn the walls. Take a moment to reflect and soak in the spiritual atmosphere of this sacred place.

Waterfall Tour Ebike Thassos Tour

2. Hike to Maries Lake: one of the best things to do in Maries Thassos

Embark on a scenic hike to Lake Marion, a hidden gem among the pine trees. You’ll stumble upon this tranquil oasis as you cross the village and venture towards the mountain. You’ll come across it while you e-bike to Ipsario, too!

The lake of Thassos is a beautifully landscaped recreational area, complete with kiosks and benches, where you can unwind and bask in the serenity of nature. Stroll along the lake’s edge, listen to the soothing sounds of the water, and let the peaceful ambiance wash over you.

In short, hiking to Maries Lake is one of the most unique things to do in Maries Thassos. If you want to learn more about hiking on the island, check out my complete Thassos Hiking Guide!

maries village

3. Take a stroll around the village

One of the simplest yet most enjoyable things to do in Maries Thassos is to take a leisurely stroll around the village. Explore the narrow streets lined with traditional houses adorned with vibrant flowers. Immerse yourself in the local culture as you pass by friendly locals going about their daily lives. 

Discover hidden cafes, beautiful gardens, and charming homes tucked away in every corner. As you uncover Marie’s hidden treasures, let yourself get lost in its enchanting charm. 

As you explore, make sure to visit the village square and refresh yourself with the cool water from the nearby springs. It’s the perfect spot to take a break and soak in the charming atmosphere of Maries.

maries name thassos

4. Ask locals about the origins of the name Maries

Maries has a fascinating history and intriguing legends. Ask the locals to learn more. For example, there are three stories about how the village got its name. The origin of the village’s name is shrouded in folklore and legends, with multiple theories circulating among the residents.

Engage in a conversation with the friendly locals and unravel the mystery behind Marie’s name. Some believe the village was named after the many women named Mary who resided here. Others recount a tale of a pirate invasion that led to the destruction of the settlement, leaving only two survivors, both named Mary. Another theory suggests that the village’s name comes from the abundance of mulberry trees, as the Greek word for mulberry sounds similar to Maries. 

Strike up a conversation and let the locals regale you with their fascinating stories and theories.

thassos honey production bee

5. Look for the many bee boxes in the olive groves

As you wander through the olive groves of Maries, watch for the many bee boxes scattered throughout the landscape. Thassos is known for its high-quality honey production, and the bee boxes play a vital role in this process. 

Watch in awe as the bees go about their busy work, collecting nectar and pollinating the surrounding flora. If you’re lucky, you may even taste some of the delicious local honey, a true island delicacy.

maries village

6. Dine at the traditional tavern of Petsas

Indulge in the flavors of authentic Greek cuisine at the traditional tavern of Petsas. This charming eatery is located in the heart of Maries and offers a delightful culinary experience. 

From mouthwatering souvlaki to fresh seafood dishes, every bite celebrates local flavors. Sit back, relax, and savor the traditional Greek hospitality as you enjoy a memorable meal in this cozy tavern.

things to do in maries thassos

7. Have a drink at the Cafe Platani

After a day of exploring, quench your thirst and unwind at the charming cafe Platani. Nestled under the shade of a magnificent plane tree, this quaint cafe offers a tranquil setting to relax and recharge. 

Sip on a refreshing beverage, indulge in a sweet treat, and enjoy Marie’s serene atmosphere. Engage in friendly conversations with fellow travelers or simply enjoy a moment of solitude amidst the beauty of nature.

Maries waterfall the tall one west of the lake

8. Explore the three Maries waterfalls: one of my favorite things to do in Maries Thassos

Nature lovers will be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of the three Maries waterfalls. Located just a short distance from Maries, these cascading waterfalls offer a breathtaking spectacle. 

Follow the trail winding through verdant landscapes and listen to the soothing sound of rushing water as you approach the falls. There are two waterfalls above the lake and one below. When you arrive, take in the sheer majesty of nature as you witness the water cascading down in a graceful display.

Visiting Maries Waterfall Thassos is one of the most well-sought Thassos excursions and one of the best reasons to visit Thassos.

Way to Gourna near the Maries crossroad

9. Check the old watermill ruins

Explore the old watermill ruins in Maries Thassos and step back in time. These remnants offer a glimpse into the village’s rich history and heritage. Park your car by the side of the road and embark on a short climb to reach the ruins. 

Marvel at the remnants of the machinery that once powered the mill and imagine the bustling activity that once took place here. Let your imagination run wild as you immerse yourself in the stories of the past.

The path to lake Maries near the waterfall

10. Discover the ruins of an old olive factory.

Uncover the secrets of Marie’s past as you discover the ruins of an old olive factory. Tucked away next to the road, these remnants offer a glimpse into the Thassos’ rich history of olive oil production. Park your vehicle by the side of the street and embark on a short climb to reach the ruins. 

Explore the area and marvel at the few remaining pieces of equipment that still bear witness to the factory’s former glory. Let your imagination transport you back in time as you envision the bustling activity that once filled these now-silent halls.

things to do in maries thassos

11. Enter the scenic church of Saint John

Immerse yourself in Marie’s spiritual atmosphere by entering the scenic church of Saint John. Located in the heart of the village, this charming church is a true testament to the island’s religious heritage. 

Step inside and be greeted by the serene ambiance as sunlight filters through the stained glass windows. Admire the intricate woodwork and ornate decorations that adorn the church’s interior. Take a moment to offer a prayer or simply find solace in the tranquility of this sacred space.

Skala Maries Beach Thassos photo

12. Drive to Skala Maries Thassos, Maries’ port

Take a scenic drive to Skala Marion Thassos, Maries’ port, and discover a whole new side of the village. Indulge in a delicious meal at one of the charming restaurants overlooking the harbor as you savor the day’s fresh catch. 

Afterward, head to Atspas Beach for a leisurely afternoon of sun-soaked relaxation. Feel the warm sand between your toes, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply bask in the sun’s gentle embrace. Atspas is one of the best beaches in Thassos!

If you’re traveling with family, visit the nearby Aqua Park Thassos. Enjoy a day of thrilling water slides, lazy river rides, and endless fun for all ages.

Monastery on the way to Maries village sitting on the olive grove

13. Talk to the monk of the Assumption Monastery of the Virgin Maries

Discover the enchanting Monastery of Panagouda as you approach the village of Maries. On the left-hand side of the road, you’ll find this sacred place adorned with a priceless icon of the Virgin Mary and other relics.

Legend has it that the village originally stood where the monastery now stands but was later relocated to its current location to protect it from pirates. 

While there, immerse yourself in the site’s spiritual heritage by conversing with the Assumption Monastery of the Virgin Maries monk. The lovable Monk Epifanios dutifully follows the monastery’s rules and will gladly share the history and significance of the abbey. 

Listen to his words of wisdom and let their spiritual guidance inspire you on your journey. After all, you’ll be in a place of tranquillity and reflection where you can seek solace and inner peace. 

Then, get ready to view the site’s highlights. On the north side of the monastery, the chapel of John the Baptist- a true masterpiece- awaits you. Next, step into the serene Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where peace and reverence fill the air. 

Marvel at the priceless image of the Virgin Mary and the exquisite chapel of “Timios Prodromos.” Also, don’t miss the fantastic church frescoes and the impeccably clean surroundings. Though the main church is dark, the iconography, especially St. Christopher as a dog, is worth the visit. 

Peak Tour Thassos eBike tour

14. E-bike to Thassos Peak Ipsarion: one of the best things to do in Maries Thassos

A thrilling Thassos e-bike ride to Thassos Peak Ipsarion is a must-do activity for adventure seekers. Hop on an electric bike and venture into the heart of nature as you make your way to the peak. Enjoy the panoramic views of the island’s lush greenery and sparkling blue waters. 

Here’s why mountain biking is so awesome in Thassos!

Once you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking vista that stretches as far as the eye can see. Remember to bring your camera to capture this unforgettable moment. It’s no wonder e-biking to Ipsario is one of the best things to do in Thassos.

You can rent an e-bike from Plaka Thassos and have it delivered to your accommodation anywhere in Thassos. To make everything more accessible, we can arrange for the e-bike to wait for you in Maries after you drive. That’s an excellent way to start your mountain adventure from higher up on the island. 

If you wish, you can always join an eBike Tour in Thassos and Maries!

Here is a video from an e-Bike Tour

Where to stay in Maries?

When it comes to Skala Maries Thassos Hotels and accommodation, here are 3 recommendations with a guest review for each.

  • Kleopatra Sea View – Stay near one of the most scenic sandy beaches of Thassos: Atspas. Kleopatra Sea View is a modern house with all the facilities you will need.
  • Athanasia Rooms – Hotel Athanasia is a small family business on the beautiful island of Thassos in Northern Greece. It is built in the center of the capital of Thassos, Limenas, in a very quiet and green area. Recently renovated, it is ideal for families and couples.
  • Atoli Studios – With ocean views, you can take in nature. And with brand new furniture and smart TV, you can soak up the luxury of Atoli Studios.

Whichever option you choose, both offer a peaceful oasis where you can unwind and recharge after a day of exploration.

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A Cube e-Bike you can rent in Thassos and have it delivered in Maries

Frequently Asked Questions for Maries Thassos

1. What makes Maries a must-visit in Thassos?

Maries is a picturesque village known for its tranquil lake, stunning waterfalls, and lush landscapes. It’s perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the bustling tourist spots.

2. Are there any specific attractions I should not miss in Maries?

Definitely visit the Maries Lake and the nearby waterfalls. These natural beauties offer a serene environment ideal for relaxation and picnics. Don’t miss exploring the old watermill ruins for a touch of history.

3. What dining options are available in Maries?

Maries boasts traditional tavernas like Taverna Petsas, offering delicious Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. For a unique dining experience, try the local specialties, especially the grilled dishes.

4. Can I find accommodations in Maries?

Yes, Maries offers various accommodations ranging from charming Aparthotels to budget-friendly hotels. Whether you prefer a modern stay or a traditional vibe, you’ll find a place that suits your needs.

5. What activities can I do in Maries?

Take a leisurely stroll around the village, hike to the waterfalls, or relax by the lake. For a cultural experience, visit the village church of Agios Georgios or the ruins of an old olive factory.

6. How can I explore the natural beauty of Maries?

Hiking to Lake Marion is a great way to immerse yourself in Maries’ natural beauty. Alternatively, rent an e-bike to explore the surrounding pine forests and mountainous terrains at your own pace.

7. Are there any local products I should try or bring home from Maries?

Look for the local honey produced in the olive groves. Maries’ honey is renowned for its unique flavor, thanks to the diverse flora of Thassos. It makes for a sweet souvenir or gift.

8. What’s the best way to get to Maries?

Maries is easily accessible by car or taxi from Thassos Town. If you’re adventurous, consider renting a car to explore Maries and its surroundings at your own leisure.

9. Is Maries suitable for families with children?

Absolutely! Maries offers a family-friendly atmosphere with its calm lake, gentle waterfalls, and spacious outdoor areas. It’s a great spot for children to explore nature safely.

10. When is the best time to visit Maries?

The best time to visit Maries is from late spring to early autumn when the weather is pleasant, and the natural attractions are at their most beautiful. Avoid the peak summer months if you prefer a quieter visit.

Conclusion on things to do in Maries Thassos

As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options for things to do in Maries Thassos. 

Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or a cultural immersion, Maries has it all. Every moment spent in this enchanting vision, from exploring historical landmarks to indulging in local cuisine, Maries will leave a lasting impression.

So pack your bags, embark on a journey to Maries Thassos, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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