Marielpi Beach House in Thassos

Peaceful stay in a traditional house on the beach. Two rooms, three sofa beds, ideal for one or two families of up to 7 guests.


If we have to choose only one thing that makes Marielpi Beach House stand out, that would be no other than how cool the property is in terms of temperature. You won’t ever need any AC or fans. The grape leaves on the garden offer a type of natural shade that will amaze you. In the middle of the summer, on the hottest days of Thassos, you may even ask for a jacket! Yes, it’s that cool, especially during the morning when the sun is behind the house.


Stay in a traditional Airbnb by the water in Marielpi Beach House in Thassos. You will find the house in Skala Kallirachi, Thassos. Above all, you will love staying in its cool garden shaded by dense grape leaves and overlooking the Aegean!


A simple basic house with a spacious garden, and amazing view of the beach, and direct access to the water. You can even swim right next to the house. However, what you’ll love the most is how cool and cold the house remains during summer; you don’t even need air-conditioning, that’s why the owners don’t have it


You are 3 minutes from the center of the village and the main sandy beach, while there is a smaller pebble beach right in front of the house with sandy seabed. You’ll love the naps and sleep here since it’s naturally air-conditioned and let cool thanks to the house material and location

So, do you like what you see? Would you love to stay in Marielpi Beach House? If it’s a yes, all you have to do is shoot us a message on Whatsapp and let the magic begin! Because you deserve such holidays!

Up to 7 guests



Floor Fans




On the Beach

And a lot more

Free Wi-Fi






Dining area

Hair dryer

Cotton towels

Free Street Parking

Marielpi Beach House in Thassos

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Marielpi Beach House in Thassos

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